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How can I access my Credit Shop, Inc. account online?

You can access your loan information by visiting Credit Shop, Inc. customer portal. You will need to login with with your Email and Password.

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How can I reset my Credit Shop, Inc. password?

You can reset your password on this page: /customer-webapp-inc/#/forgot-pwd.

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How do I keep my personal information safe and avoid phishing scams?

"Phishing" is a term used to describe fraudulent emails, texts or phone calls that attempt to steal your personal information. The scam may ask for your Social Security number, bank account or credit card information. Credit Shop, Inc. will never ask for this information through an email or text.

Phishing scammers lure their targets into a false sense of security by spoofing the familiar, trusted logos of established, legitimate companies. They may also pretend to be a friend or family member.

Fake web sites are also commonly used by email scammers. When you visit sensitive sites on your computer from an email - sites like those for a bank or insurance company - be sure to type in the web address manually. You can also download browsers with anti-phishing capability. These warn you when you try to access a phony website.

What are signs of a Phishing Scam?

Fraudulent messages take many forms, but they tend to have a harsh, demanding or scary tone. Some examples include:
• An email message that appears to be coming from Credit Shop, Inc., or another financial institution, that asks you to take some sort of immediate action, such as providing personal information through email.
• A call where the individual claims your personal information has been compromised, or you owe a debt that must be paid immediately, and they are requesting that you provide personal information to rectify the situation.

How can I protect myself from a Phishing scam?

If you're ever in doubt about the validity of a phone call, email, or text you receive, DO NOT provide your personal information. Please contact us by calling Customer Service at 800-317-9240.

Do not respond to the following:

• Urgent Requests for personal information
• Alarming statements that tell you to act immediately
• Requests for your full account number, Social Security number, username, password, Credit Card Validation (CCV) code, ATM/debit or credit card number or bank account number in any email you send.

Things we will not do:

• Ask you to share personal information with us through email or text. All personal information should be shared through our call center at 800-317-9240.
• Send an email threatening to close your account if you don't tell us your personal information immediately.
• Tell you that we owe you money, and ask you to purchase prepaid cards so we can deposit the amount we owe you on the card.
• Share your name with any contacts outside our Company in a way that conflicts with our Online Privacy Notice. For your reference, our Online Privacy Notice is located here.

What should I do if I'm suspicious of an email with a Credit Shop, Inc. logo?

If you suspect the email is phony, don't reply to it or do anything it tells you to do. Please call us. We investigate each incident and take steps to stop more emails like it from being sent.

If you gave out information regarding your Credit Shop, Inc. account, please call us immediately. For more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Center online at

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Am I approved for a Credit Shop, Inc. loan?

You can check your approval status by visiting this page and signing in: /customer-webapp-inc/.
If you are approved, you also have to accept your loan before we will send your funds.

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What is my Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

Your APR can be found on your loan agreement. A copy of the document is available in our customer portal.

Sign in to the customer portal following this link.

If you have an installment loan, at the bottom of the left hand corner you can click "Read Truth in Lending Act". This will contain the details around your APR.

If you have a Line of Credit:
2) Go to the Account Details tab in the upper menu
3) Select Documents tab from the drop down menu
4) Click on the Open-End Line of Credit Agreement link

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When is my first payment due?

Your first payment is due approximately one month after you accept your loan or on the first payment due date that you select when you accept your loan. This information can be found in the Credit Shop, Inc. customer portal.

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What is my payoff amount?

Credit Shop, Inc. will not charge a fee if you payoff your loan early. Repaying your loan early may lower your borrowing costs by reducing the amount of interest you will pay. To determine the payoff amount, sign into the customer portal here.
-> Go to the Payments tab in the upper right hand menu.
-> Select Get Payoff Amount submenu.
-> Provide the date when you want to payoff your loan and chose ‘Get Amount”. You will be provided the loan payoff amount based on the date you chose.
Please note: Interest is accrued daily and if payment is not received by that date, the amount will change.

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Can I change my due date?

Yes, you can change your due date. You are limited to two (2) due date changes per year. To change your date, contact Customer Service 800-317-9240. Please note that you can request due date change only if your account is in good standing (meaning that you paid your last due amount in time and do not owe Credit Shop, Inc. any payments or fees)

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